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Nowadays a website must be visible on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. For this reason ArtandTeo's websites are all responsive.

Destination Traduction

Url : http://www.destination-traduction.com

Type : PME multilingual responsive website

Destination Traduction is a translation agency run by Isabelle Garnier-Reubrecht, which produces documents in German, English and French.

The content of the site was translated by the customer. ArtandTeo integrated the content and realized the logo, icons and infographies. SEO has been entrusted to us over the long term with the aim of obtaining visibility in France, Germany and United Kingdom.

Desktop view Destination Traduction

Desktop view

Mobile view Destination Traduction

Mobile view

Rachel Launay-Painchaud Sculptures

Url : http://www.rachel-sculptures.com

Type : Artist website

Rachel Launay-Painchaud is a self-taught artist, she discovered the art of modeling twenty years ago. Her vision is to tend towards expressionism in order to inspire the spectator with a lively emotional reaction.

This site aims to communicate with the Net surfers about the achievements and the events around the activity of Rachel. Together, we chose to develop its site with the Wordpress CMS. This makes it easy to add articles about past or future events. This regular addition of articles reinforces the presence of the site in the search engines.

Desktop view Rachel Sculptures

Desktop view

Mobile view Rachel Sculptures

Mobile view

Via Tutti

Url : http://www.viatutti.com

Type : Industry website

Via Tutti is a project management company. To each of his clients, his manager had to cite his references and experience. He asked us to create a website presenting his trade and his company so that his customers can consult it freely after their interview. He thus gained time in each of his appointments.

Via Tutti does not currently require a presence in search engines. We realized this website without CMS with the framework of Bootstrap for its responsivity.

Desktop view ViaTutti

Desktop view

Mobile view ViaTutti

Mobile view

Trio Musique Brésilienne - Alagoas

Url : http://www.trio-musique-bresilienne.fr

Type : Artist website - Music group

Trio Musique Brésilienne is a Brazilian popular music group. With their traditional instruments, their performances are invitations to travel.

We have developed their website with the CMS Wordpress. The group asked us a natural referencing site for the creation of the site. The choice of the CMS opens the possibility for them to open very easily a news blog of their representations. They also benefit from simplified access to the media and texts for modifications.

Desktop view Trio musique brésilienne Alagoas

Desktop view

Mobile view Trio musique brésilienne Alagoas

Mobile view

Anamé hairdressing

Url : http://www.aname-coiffure.fr

Type : Shop website

The Anamé hairdressing salon is located in Evron in Mayenne. The objective of the client is to communicate on its opening hours, rates, services and location.

Moreover, this website must convey the image and atmosphere of the show.

Desktop view Anamé

Desktop view

Mobile view Anamé

Mobile view